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Storytelling-Workshop with Saki Aslan

2023 OUTNOW! Schwankhalle Workshop
Venue: Alter Saal, Schwankhalle

Duration: 90 minutes
Number of participants limited (max. 15)
Registration required at anmeldung@schwankhalle.de
Saki Aslan can work with German, English and Kurmançi in this workshop. Working with other languages is explicitly desired.

In this workshop, we will deal with orality and living archives—making recourse to Saki Aslans piece »Retour-Kilams an Kofferkinder.« Orally passing on knowledge in the form of poems, songs, fables, or also gossip is a practice that has always existed across regions, yet is still socially spurned. Oral history or history from below, as it can be found with contemporary witnesses of various diasporic groups or in the history of workers, for example, is still being marginalized in the social treatment of history.
By working with objects and storytelling, the workshop seeks to empower the participants to engage with »theirstory from below.« Volume up!